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We are unique product All in e-wallet with 25 crypto, 22 fiat and 21 IBAN currencies

If You are interested in investing, we are the right choice to do so

Our trading team has great expertise and skills, proven track record and internal knowledge in order to successfully invest into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other instruments. There are several options as stated below with short-term and long-term strategies depending on what You wish. On the other hand, we grant loans to beginner entrepreneurs.

Main features of
Fiatum crypto-financial platform


If You are young or professional entrepreneur and looking for initial funding, we are happy to provide a loan in crypto or fiat currency.


You can make a profitable short-term or long-term deposit in crypto or fiat currency to earn on interest. Our investment fund will ensure stable profit for You.

Blockchain & Listing

Our technical team is highly skilled at blockchain technologies and can create own coin on any blockchain within a few days. Also, we will list your coin at our crypto-financial platform to introduce You to the Top-100 exchanges.


DeFi is the newest trading instrument otherwise called a high frequency trading (HFT). This red-hot investment is opening great opportunities for knowledgeable people willing to make fast profit.


Trading contracts for difference presume speculating in financial markets without requirement to buy and sell. This instrument is good on short trades, leverage and hedging.


Non-fungible tokens are another investment option available. The experts have a wide range of opinions from calling it a hype to a new and safe mode of investment. An NFT is a digital asset representing tangible objects.

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