Welcome to the first ever crypto-fiat platform

We are unique product All in e-wallet with 25 crypto, 22 fiat and 21 IBAN currencies

Our December news

Discounted IEO on 17th-26th at P2PB2B Exchange selling a very limited edition of FIAT tokens used as s gas within our crypto-fiat e-wallet system and it a rare chance to buy; Our system allows to obtain debit cards linked to crypto and crypto-financial accounts
We are conducting several AMA conferences at reputable platforms prior to and in between the IEO rounds
We completed token registration at CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
We completed the massive marketing program started in July 2021 getting the fan-base up to 100K people
We are going to the centralized Listing at P2PB2B Exchange on 6th December
Our e-wallet system starts to provide services to the end users and FIAT tokens as its gas
Please, review our Roadmap containing all pertaining information as to tokenomics, milestones etc. or join our Social Media

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