Welcome to the first ever crypto-fiat Bank

We are unique product All in e-wallet with 25 crypto, 22 fiat and 21 IBAN currencies

Welcome to our crypto-financial Bank powered by Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and SWIFT solutions

  • All-in E-wallets with more than 20 crypto, card and IBAN accounts in various currencies
  • Use debit cards with instant option to be topped up from crypto or bank account within e-wallet
  • Enjoy our absolutely lowest fees and fast compliance which will make your life comfortable
  • Buy our discounted FIAT Tokens on the upcoming IEO and trade after the listing this month

Why join us?

All-in E-wallet with more than 20 crypto, card and 5 IBAN accounts in various currencies
Reliable protection of your instruments
Cross-chain platform: ERC20, TRC20 and BSC networks
Three-factor authentication (3FA)
We work with both end users, investors and business partners
Total confidentiality
Self-developed Software
1-minute start for our end users and 1-day integration for the white-label partners
Your own Card allowing comfortable сrypto-fiat exchange
Unique Cards design and customizable E-wallet
Own EU bank with proper licenses allows you to conduct all regular bank operations
Our own brand-new FIAT Token


Buy-sell rates information
Cold storage and hot wallets
Cards solution
(Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay)
Bank accounts solution
Exchange ranked #64 at CMC
FIAT token's IEO and listing
FIAT token's IEO and listing
Decentralized Exchange
FIAT token's listing
FIAT token's listing
KYC verification
Coins verification
Acquiring solution
Apple application

System and
Developers Team


Our system has a comfortable interface for our users. Also, we have acquiring API with Link4pay, liquidity API with Binance, cold storage API with BitGo, compliance API with Sum&Substance and other gateways. We are currently developing our own mobile application with Apple and Google to ensure that each user can reach it in a smartphone.

Also, we are extremely eager to develop a crypto processing module which is a new red-hot idea in the digital world. Right now, we have almost 30 professional developers advanced in all programming languages from Python to Java and React. We are proud of ourselves for being able to gather this Team.

Idea and Competitors

Idea and Competitors

Idea In 2020 we found out that the digital world is in desperate need of a combined e-wallet consisting of all crypto currencies with the ability to exchange crypto-crypto and linked to a card and a bank account. Within the next year we developed a reliable and convenient system allowing our users to instantly exchange any crypto to any crypto, any crypto to any fiat or any fiat to any fiat. As a result we created the best digital bank which can be used by all people interested in crypto. We believe that we can fill in this empty niche in the industry with our top-notch product.

Competitors There are only a few digital banks at the moment. However, all of them use a third-party fiat solutions. We use our own fiat solution with lower fees and undisturbed reliable service. In fact, many of said competitors desire to obtain our services. But in any way, they can’t provide unique card design and e-wallet design for each of their user while we can.

Offices and Licenses

We have offices in London,
Hong Kong, Moscow, Tallinn and Vilnius.
We have the UK AEMI with Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa principal membership for issuing and acquiring as well as our own IBANs and SWIFT code.
We plan to open new offices in Dubai, Miami, Toronto and Sydney.
We have Estonian and Hong Kong licenses. Also, we applied for Canadian, Australian, Dubaian and Floridian licenses.

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